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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a life coach?  What should I expect from life coaching?

Please refer to my blog post for more information about what a life coach is, and what to expect from this journey.

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How many sessions do I need to achieve my goal?

The number of life coaching sessions required to achieve one's goal might differ depending on several factors such as their level of dedication in following recommended strategies or their current set skills and mindset.

A personalized process for life coaching involves determining session durations and frequencies on an individual basis, so a number of people may find that after just a few sessions they have gained the necessary clarity to establish an action plan. Others may benefit from ongoing coaching over time so as achieve accountable progress at each step.  We will uncover this together!

Are you a licensed therapist?

No, I am not a licensed therapist.  Therapists possess clinical expertise and are trained to diagnose and treat mental health conditions. They are skilled in providing therapeutic interventions, such as cognitive-behavioral therapy, psychoanalysis, or family therapy, depending on their specialization. Life coaches, while they may have expertise in specific areas, do not diagnose or treat mental health disorders. Instead, they focus on personal growth, goal achievement, and supporting clients in making positive changes.

Do you take payment arrangements? Insurance?

Yes, there are payment arrangements - if needed.

I do not take insurance at this time.

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